All applicants are required to complete a CSIS Security Clearance to be considered for employment in the nuclear sector. This crucial step in the hiring process is for everyone’s safety. The security clearance standards ensure that Nuclear Power Plants comply with Federal laws. Nuclear operations are governed by regulations set out and monitored by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). Whether you are working in a corporate group or a nuclear, hydro or fossil station, security clearances are mandatory for any type of employment or contract engagement.

The Ontario Security Clearance Application is a custom application designed to help with the security clearance application process from start to finish.

The security clearance consists of:
  • Criminal Record Name Check (CRNC) in Canada
  • CSIS Indices Check
  • Employment and Education Verification
The external agencies that handle the security checks are:
  • Criminal Record Name Check – Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)
  • CSIS Indices Check – Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)
  • Employment and Education Verification – Investigative Solutions Network Inc. (ISN)
A completed Security Clearance application consists of:
  • Online – Online Security Clearance Application (OSCA)
  • Hard copy – Printed forms from OSCA (signed, initialed, and dated)
  • Identification – 2 pieces of valid government issued identification specified on OSCA’s checklist
  • Documentation – All other supporting documentation specified on OSCA’s checklist (if applicable)
  • Verification – All copies of identification/supporting documentation must be verified and signed off by a notary public, or a commissioner of oath
The only accepted forms of legal status documentation are as follows:
  • Canadian birth certificates
  • Canadian citizenship cards
  • Canadian permanent residence cards
  • A combination of your Canadian work permit AND non-Canadian birth certificate or driver’s license AND non-Canadian passport

All copies of identification/supporting documentation must be verified and signed off by a notary public, or a commissioner of oath. Verification/notarization is a measure used to prevent fraudulent use of forged identification/documentation. Each photocopied page needs its own signature, printed name, and date from your notary public/commissioner of oath.

A notary public may typically only provide you with an accompanying separate document stating the verification, but you must advise them that each page requires their signature.

Once a clearance is granted, it is valid for five years and transferrable to other utilities.

Depending on your personal history, the level of security check, and the volume of security clearance applications, the security clearance process can take between 8-12 weeks – in some cases, it may take longer. It is advisable to start the clearance process early as you are searching for job opportunities in the nuclear sector.

Please contact CPUS if you would like to get started.