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Job ID: 24-090

Resume Due Date:  Tuesday, July 11, 2024 (5:00PM EST)

Number of Vacancies: 1

Level:  MP4

Duration: 12 months

Hours of work:   40

Location: 889 Brock RD., or 1 Holt Rd. (Hybrid, 2 days Remote)

Job Overview

The job duties associated with a Project Lead are outlined below. At times, field support may also be required, outlined below as Modification Team Lead (MTL) duties.


Lead and administer the organization, coordination and execution of assigned project(s) within multidiscipline project portfolios. Lead matrix project execution teams. Coordinate and be responsible for project documentation. Ensure appropriate Project Management and Contract Management governance is followed.


  • Undertake the organizing, coordinating and controlling of all stages of project management in accordance with Project Management governance for assigned projects or project packages in all project phases from initiation to closeout, as circumstances require.
  • Utilize approved Project Management processes for phase-gating, integration, scope, schedule, cost, change control, estimating, communications and reporting, and risk.
  • Perform project management activities throughout the lifecycle of assigned projects, ensuring all project objectives and commitments are controlled and delivered within targets of safety, quality, budget and schedule.
  • Provide input into the preparation of project background information, contribute to scope and constructability reviews, assist in the preparation of Business Case Submissions to senior management, the Executive Office and the Board of Directors, for project approval and the release of funds. Prepare and coordinate the preparation of all information pertinent to an assigned project and alternatives to be considered for input into planning.
  • Review, provide input into, and accept project charters for assigned projects. Initiate and coordinate scopes of work (WBS), estimates, schedules, risk management plans, project management plans, gate packages, and contract performance specifications. Develop structures for estimating and controlling project cost and schedule. Gather input from stakeholder departments and agencies to ensure project requirements are captured and detailed in the estimate and execution plans. Arrange for application to, and negotiate with internal and external agencies for all necessary approvals, licenses, permits or clearances required. Ensure proper process is followed when defining labour requirements and arranging for labour resources. Coordinate the clarification of design and specification requirements, and arrange for necessary changes. Co-ordinate and participate in the preparation of specifications, bid packages, evaluation of tenders, and purchasing recommendations.
  • Arrange and lead meetings to coordinate the requirements of, and progress by designers, suppliers, construction and operations before and after contract award. Maintain close liaison with field construction and operations on matters involving design, schedules, costing, and other related issues. Provide immediate and higher management with regular project or work package reports. Monitor, evaluate and report on cost and schedule, and manage changes. Review cost variance reports, provide explanations and recommendations for disposition of variances, and take corrective actions when required. Evaluate project plans at every stage for project risk and develop mitigation plans. Execute other project management functions as required by corporate policies and procedures.
  • Resolve and assist with resolution of issues and problems, as necessary to ensure that project deliverables are achieved as per plan, and that any changes to scope, schedule, and cost are managed and approved in line with process and procedure.
  • As assigned, ensure Contract Management through all stages of the contracting process is carried out. Recommend to Supervisor the assignment of additional cross-functional resources as required. Work closely with the cross-functional team to ensure that roles are clearly defined and properly understood and that all project and contract requirements are communicated.
  • Manage and maintain communication with internal and external stakeholders, regulatory bodies and agencies, and cooperate in exchange of relevant information as required to meet the project objectives. Arrange and chair meetings involving appropriate stakeholders with a given project. Guide and direct discussions involving internal staff, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and the like, in an effort to efficiently and effectively meet project objectives. Coordinate the preparation of project turnover documentation and ensure completeness. Document and address outstanding project deficiencies.
  • Visit various site locations, manufacturers, and suppliers as required. Be prepared to observe plant sites and installations in Canada and outside the country to observe manufacturing progress, techniques, equipment, etc. Provide input as required, and utilize knowledge gained for Ontario Power Generation application.
  • Maintain awareness of, and keep all project parties informed of latest construction, budgeting, estimating and scheduling practices and other corporate procedures. Review and maintain awareness of all corporate and local procedures pertinent to project control and administration. Maintain process compliance during project execution and advise supervisor if compliance cannot be achieved.
  • Participate in programs to dispose of surplus equipment which become available, consequent to cancelled construction projects, such as unused turbines, generators and the like or are being disposed of as part of a project. Meet with potential buyers and attempt to influence same to accept such equipment in lieu of other purchases.
  • Maintain an awareness of technological advancements in project management, engineering and construction fields. Review technical publications and other literature. Communicate with project management counterparts internally and externally to discuss views on improved processes, designs, products, methods and techniques.
  • On a periodic basis, where dictated by circumstance, be responsible for supervision. Assemble job information and plan work as necessary. Assign portions of the work, and provide advice and direction as required. Check and assume responsibility for the work issued.


Be accountable for various phases of maintenance, modification and rehabilitation work within OPG. Manage a multidiscipline work force involved in the execution of assigned blocks of work. Involves detailed planning, scheduling, estimating, organizing and control of staff and resources as work dictates and for planned and forced outage circumstances to meet scheduled completion dates and maintain control of costs. Ensure the work is performed safely, according to quality standards and within guidelines of the corporate direction and government regulations. Assist accountable Manager with contract administration. Be the site contact for local contracts and coordinate with Corporate Contracts Coordinator. Coordinate the work of contractors and trade unions at site. Be the single point of contacUSME for SCR’s/CAPS. Assist in development of maintenance programs.

The Modification Team Leader (MTL) is accountable for completing the assigned projects and modifications per OPG Modification Process Procedure and any other applicable OPG Project governance and procedures.


  • Perform any required liaison and oversight activities among OPG, Vendor and Stakeholders
  • Develop modification plans, contracting strategy, materials strategy and execution plans to ensure the assigned projects/modifications are implemented in a timely manner event free
  • Coordinate a multi-functional work force in the execution of a project. Administer the work operations and where required direct multiple trade groups involved in civil, structural, mechanical and electrical functions involved in project activities. In consultation with the Project Manager and/or Manager Construction, plan day-to-day construction work activities. Evaluate the requirements to accomplish the specific phases and sequences of work, and determine the most efficient and practical means, the equipment and materials required, and the appropriate work force necessary to complete the job. Plan, coordinate and monitor construction work and provide required explanations regarding responsibilities, installations, equipment utilization and guidance on specific processes to be used. Assign work and provide advice and guidance on problems encountered and follow up to ensure quality, accuracy, and quantity of work.
  • Support and advise the Project Lead in managing the budget for the project site, including items for the capital construction program. Review and control expenditures and costs incurred by the projects and explain variances, including the provision of estimates and cost monitoring. Accommodate any normal or unforeseen problems that arise, such as those associated with material issues, field design changes, resource shortages, barriers to work area access, technical problems and/or inclement weather. Investigate reasons and provide explanations/reports on variances from cost control objectives.
  • Assist Project Lead and/or Manager Construction in various tasks associated with contract management including: Providing daily field oversight of the contractor and contractors work with respect to safety, quality, schedule and cost aspects and maintaining daily logs of progress, issues, incidents, etc; Ensuring necessary training and qualifications have been met; Maintaining records for contractor’s equipment safety certificates and ensuring contracts keep proper logs; Carry out pre-job briefings as required and provide oversight to ensure staff is conversant with all procedures, safety and work aspects, expected cost objectives, production targets, availability of equipment and tools, starting and completion dates. Ensure that work performed by staff meets drawing, specification and procedural requirements, and is carried out safely.; Monitoring and validating progress of work in the field (earned value); Support as requested wrench time studies, self assessments, benchmarking, corrective action plans including investigations; Liaise directly with plant/station staff, other Construction Supervisors, Contractors, regulatory agency staff, project management and engineering staff and other stakeholders to coordinate work, minimize conflicts, and resolve issues in the field.
  • As required direct activities concerned with field construction contracts for installation of equipment, materials, products or services. Examine performance requirements, delivery schedules and estimates of costs of labour, material, equipment and production to ensure completeness and accuracy. Prepare requests for proposal (RFP), specifications, test and progress reports and other exhibits that may be required. Participate in the RFP submission evaluation team. Assist in approval of amendments to/or extensions of contracts. Advise support departments of contractual rights and obligations. Compile data for preparing estimates as required. Lead integration activities in construction readiness, constructability reviews, site logistics and event reporting.
  • Monitor daily, weekly and monthly schedule dates, costs and workload demands, layouts, lead time, resources, work to be done in shops, task assignments by shift, drawings and specifications, materials and access to work areas. Determine the best course of action to follow, and prepare input to plans based on the above considerations and on other aspects, such as an understanding of drawings, work methods and practices for all disciplines as they pertain to various stages of the assigned tasks. Attend planning, scheduling, costing and other meetings on matters dealing with assigned areas of accountability for the development of schedules and estimates with the planning and control function. Keep Manager and staff informed of all information required to facilitate job coordination, work plans, etc. Communicate regularly with staff relative to priorities such as safety and quality. Notify Manager where schedule dates may change.
  • Manage the day to day administration of field installation contracts within a technically challenging field /work environment. Facilitate the coordination of Payment to the contractors, via Timesheet/lnvoice review and approvals. Document and seek approvals in a timely manner for changes in; Scope, Schedule, Costs, as well as, Terms and Conditions.
  • Monitor project schedule dates, costs, and resource demands. Recommend the best course of action to follow, and provide input to plans based on the above considerations and on other aspects, such as an understanding of drawings, work methods and practices for all disciplines as they pertain to various stages of the assigned tasks. Attend planning, scheduling, costing and other meetings on matters dealing with assigned areas of accountability for the development of schedules and estimates with the planning and control function. Keep Project Lead/Manager, Construction and staff informed of all information required to facilitate job coordination, work plans, etc. Communicate regularly with staff relative to priorities such as safety and quality. Notify Project Lead/Manager, Construction where schedule impacts may cause delays.
  • Coordinate the close out of Contracts as required with Contract management governance.
  • Be familiar with building trade union contracts, including the CPAA and jurisdictional disputes that could impact the project.
  • Coordinate the work efforts of trades work forces and/or various contractors to ensure an uninterrupted work flow. Facilitate changes to contractors’ schedules as required, because of unforeseen circumstances, and whereby such changes can facilitate other construction activities. Ensure that safety, environmental, quality, production and schedules are being achieved. Ensure that systems are in place to manage project site safety and environmental (e.g. Site Safety Plan, JHSC, Safe Work Plan process, pre­ job briefings, tailboard meetings, etc.).
  • Participate in the development of and manage the project site safety plan in accordance with all Ontario Power Generation policies and procedures and OHSA regulations. Promote safe working practices and conditions. Conduct and/or arrange to have safety meetings and job safety analysis conducted. Observe safety violations and/or be made aware of violations, and take necessary steps to eliminate such conditions. Make recommendations or changes as required.
  • Participate in the development of and manage the project site environmental plan to ensure compliance with Ontario Power Generation policies and procedures, applicable legislation and project Environmental Requirements. Make recommendations as required.
  • Plan and administer site facilities and services such as offices, warehouses, storage areas, fabrication shops, equipment, tools, etc. required to support on-site construction act1v1t1es by both Ontario t-‘ower Generation and contractor worK torces.
  • As directed and in accordance with established procedures, carry out local purchasing as required to support the work programs. Verify invoices and other charges for payment. Initiate charges and invoices to other locations of Ontario Power Generation.
  • Ensure that all appropriate site records of both direct-hire trades and contractor work activities are prepared and maintained. Where necessary, participate in resolution of disputes regarding contract claims, extras and warranty problems.
  • Be knowledgeable of quality/control requirements and the regulatory codes and standards applicable to the work (e.g. in Nuclear Pressure Boundary Work) and used in the preparation of quality control procedures for Managers approval. Release equipment and systems for installation and ensure that all changes are controlled. Must identify non-conformance, initiate and/or negotiate corrective action for the defective items and record disposition. Implement and ensure compliance to quality control procedures. Review and approve verification records. Review and recommend changes for approval of contractor quality program. Participate in quality audits.
  • Conduct or assist in department self assessments and process improvement, root cause analysis as required by your Manager.
  • Act as the interface for work control, identify and schedule work that requires participation of staff outside the unit. Compile and rationalize the 13 week Integrated Planning Group (IPG) schedule or the 22 week outage (IOP) schedule, report to Manager


PM/PL Experience:

  • Project management, specifically, experience in developing project requirements and plans, preparing cost estimates, participating in request for proposal and contract bidding and award processes, managing projects in execution phase, and managing project closeout.
  • Managing conflicting priorities of scope, schedule, cost and quality.
  • Familiarity with equipment and processes in generating station or similar heavy industry.
  • Solving problems and providing guidance.
  • Knowledge of cost accounting and forecasting as it relates to project management.
  • Knowledge of commercial contracting methods, contract management, construction methods, codes and standards, quality assurance and health and safety.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Experience and ability as a team player to understand and manage the interrelationships of various internal and external groups in order to facilitate objectives and ensure projects satisfy stakeholder requirements.
  • Experience and knowledge related to environmental protection and associated concerns.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Experience in managing projects of increasing complexity is considered a necessary requirement. Project complexity would normally be defined by multiple-contract, multiple stakeholder projects with schedule constraints.

MTL Experience:

  • Requires experience with system installation of electrical, mechanical, structural and communication systems to evaluate drawings and tenders to ensure that specifications are met. Requires experience with the above to analyze and evaluate tenders and recommend the one most suitable. Requires experience with project scheduling to commit to projects and have them completed within time guidelines. Requires experience to coordinate and manage the work of consultants and contractors. Requires experience in site inspection, commissioning, contractor installation, and review of in-service systems to assess satisfactory operation. Requires experience to become familiar with Nuclear facility safety procedures and practices, including radiation and personal protective equipment

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All applicants are required to complete a CSIS Security Clearance to be considered for employment in the Nuclear sector.
Failure to initiate/apply for a CSIS Security Clearance will result in your application being rejected.

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