Job Title: Manager, Chemistry & Environment (Full-Time, Permanent)

Location: Supporting Pickering and Darlington

Due Date: Monday, October 30th, 2023 (5:00PM EST)


The Manager, Chemistry & Environment provides leadership, direction and coordination for the Site Environment & Chemistry Program in support of the Director, Operations & Maintenance, ensuring compliance with all applicable regulatory and/or licensing requirements with respect to the operation of the Chemical Laboratory and environmental obligations, which include: Environmental management system (ISO 14001 certified) Emissions management Waste management Spills management Resource use Process chemistry control Laboratory QA/QC Laboratory instrument development and maintenance.

  1. Execute station programs in the areas of station chemistry: a) Establish processes and controls b) Implement standards for performance of all site work c) Provide guidance to line managers regarding implementation of, and efficiency and effectiveness improvements to their programs and processes d) Provide technical support to other functions as required.
  2. Carry out chemistry sampling/monitoring, and operate the chemistry lab.
  3. Monitor and test chemistry for availability and functionality. Acquire maintenance and engineering support to remedy deficiencies.
  4. Enhance and upgrade the capabilities and performance of the station through improved chemistry control support.
  5. Provide station problem resolution and corrective action plans in the area of Chemistry.
  6. Provide expertise and support in:
  7. Trending and problem mitigation using OPEX and industry experience factors.
  8. Support the Site Vice-President by developing site-level programs and facilitating implementation to meet Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG’s) direction regarding: a) Compliance with all environmental legislative and policy requirements b) Maintaining ISO 14001 Certification as it relates to the site c) Minimizing waste production and ensuring appropriate disposal (conventional, hazardous, radioactive and dangerous goods) d) Preventing Spills e) Remediating/monitoring legacy environmental issues.
  9. Participate as a member of the Management Team, and influence line managers regarding effective implementation of, and efficiency and effectiveness improvements to their programs and processes.
  10. Fulfill the role of Environmental Management System representative for the site as required under ISO 14001.
  11. Maintain positive working relationships with government agencies to resolve, promote or discuss relevant issues. Obtain regulatory approvals as required to meet site needs.
  12. Participate in community council meetings, public forums, awareness groups or other outside agencies to promote Nuclear’ s environmental stewardship.
  13. Participate in benchmarking activity to measure the site’s environmental and chemistry performance against best in business, and incorporate feedback into target setting and program implementation.
  14. Carry out liaison with system engineers, Corporate and industry, to establish process chemistry control for long term asset preservation.
  15. Establish and maintain equipment and lab capability in support of emergency response.
  16. Perform field instrument surveillance, and maintain instruments in conjunction with station maintenance.
  17. Review and approve vendor quality controls for process and lab chemical supplies.
  18. Participate in Corporate Functional Area Manager (CFAM) forums to ensure alignment on Ontario Power Generation, Nuclear’ s (OPG,N’s) chemical and environmental management goals.
  19. Other Duties as Required



  1. 10 – 15 years of experience in a research and development environment, with a proven track record of successfully managing chemistry projects and teams.
  2. Solid understanding of laboratory operations, safety protocols, and regulatory compliance.
  3. Proficiency in various analytical techniques and instrumentation
  4. Excellent project management skills, including planning, organizing, and prioritizing.
  5. Continuous learning mindset and a passion for staying updated with the latest scientific advancements.
  6. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Ability to identify process improvements areas and produce solutions to the challenges.
  7. Excellent leadership and management skills. Experience leading a team, effectively managing employees, delegating tasks, providing guidance, succession planning and the ability to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams and stakeholders.
  8. Strong written and verbal communication skills; ability to influence and communicate effectively across the company and externally at all levels.

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  • Job Type: Full Time (Employee)
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  • Level: Senior
  • Location: Pickering/Courtice
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  • Closing Date: Monday, October 30th, 2023 (5:00PM EST)