• Full Time (Employee)
  • Pickering


Job Title: Senior Manager, Chemistry

Client: Nuclear Industry Client

Level: Senior

Employment Type: Permanent Full-Time Employee

Location: Pickering / Darlington, Ontario (on-site)

# of Vacancies: 2

Closing Date: Friday May 12th, 2023

*Security Clearance: At the time of job application, all applicants are required to complete a CSIS Standard Security Clearance to be considered for employment in the nuclear sector. Clearance is a condition of employment and must be completed before a start date can be determined.


Job Duties

Engineering activities are performed in accordance with written and approved policy, standards, programs and procedures that reflect the expectations of the Chief Nuclear Officer, Chief Nuclear Engineer and all applicable rules, regulations, codes, standards and requirement of the station operating licenses.

  1. Specify the Program and Standards requirements in the areas of Chemistry.
  2. Ensure the Chemistry Program is compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements.
  3. Ensure standard and consistent implementation of station Chemistry Programs.
  4. Provide direction and specialized support to the stations in Process Chemistry and Effluents for both normal operation and system upsets and abnormalities.
  5. Enhance and upgrade the capabilities and performance of the stations through support for improved Chemistry Control.
  6. Support the stations in Chemical Decontamination processes and similar techniques, such as Steam Generator Chemical cleaning.
  7. Be engaged in relevant industry groups, e.g. INPO, COG, EPRI, etc. to ensure awareness of industry developments.
  8. Provide oversight of the COG Chemistry, Materials & Components (CM&C) Research and Development portfolio.
  9. Provide specialized support to the production facilities in the area of Heavy Water and Tritium management.
  10. Provide station problem resolution and corrective action support, using Operating Experience (OPEX) and industry experience.
  11. Provide trouble-shooting and issue consulting beyond normal station capabilities.
  12. Other Duties as Required



  • 10-15 years of Leadership experience
  • a background in maintenance and operations is preferred
  • Mechanical/Chemical Engineering Background is preferred  
  • Oil & gas experience is considered an asset
  • Excellent communication skills both verbal and written
  • Strategy and resource planning experience is an asset

To apply for this job email your details to lnewman@cpus.ca

All applicants are required to complete a CSIS Security Clearance to be considered for employment in the Nuclear sector.
Failure to initiate/apply for a CSIS Security Clearance will result in your application being rejected.

Job Details

  • Job ID: 500-1824
  • Job Type: Full Time (Employee)
  • Number of Vacancies: 2
  • Level: Senior
  • Location: Pickering
  • Duration:
  • Closing Date: Friday, May 12th, 2023 (5:00PM EST)