We’re requesting resumes for the following position: Building Construction Engineer


Location: Kingston, Georgia, USA

Employment Type: Full-Time

Level: Junior/Intermediate/Senior

Compensation: $55,000-110,000



Primarily responsible for the oversight and management of the Construction project including but not limited to planning, developing, and designing construction plans and specifications, review construction designs, and coordinate, organize, and manage the day-to-day construction process, and ensuring compliance with designs and plans.


Essential Functions

  • Manage and maintain construction projects in a safe, timely and sustainable manner.
  • Prepare and implementing project plans.
  • Project management duties (e.g. managing budgets, resources, and deadlines; acquiring and compiling quotes, etc.).
  • Conduct the site inspection and analyze data (reports, tests, drawings and other).
  • Promptly identify and resolve any emerging problems/deficiencies.
  • Collaborate with design engineer and subcontractors to ensure projects progress properly.
  • Monitor project progress and ensure design specifications, safety, and other standards are met.
  • Confidently coordinate with clients and manage the performance of subcontractors.
  • Review and maintain compliance with government regulations and ordinances.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Education – bachelor’s degree in construction management or related area.
  • State approved license preferred.
  • 2 years experience on live construction site preferred.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Experience with construction related documentation, submittals, drawings, reports, etc.
  • Experience with subcontractor procurement and contract administration.
  • In-depth knowledge of construction industry regulations.
  • Microsoft office experience (Word, Outlook, Excel).
  • Exceptional leadership, time management, project management, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent communication skills and interactions with clients

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Failure to initiate/apply for a CSIS Security Clearance will result in your application being rejected.

Job Details

  • Job ID: 808-009
  • Job Type: Full Time (Employee)
  • Number of Vacancies:
  • Level: Junior/Intermediate/Senior
  • Location: Kingston, Georgia, USA
  • Duration:
  • Closing Date: